I’m Arpita Karania. A Hair and Makeup Artist and Educator as well as a Transformation and Manifestation Coach.  Two completely different professions merged into one.  The artist in me feeds my passion, and completes my heart.  The coach and teacher in me is my mission, my purpose and completes my soul.

I'm here to help you breakthrough hidden patterns and personal blocks and transform them so you can uncover your highest potential.  It is my mission to show you how you can manifest all that you desire into your reality. 

I believe that the world we currently experience in our own reality, is a direct reflection of what is going on internally, whether thats consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously, energetically or spiritually.  Our external world is a clue to what is happening internally even if we are currently not conscious of it. Through awareness, subconscious/ unconscious reprogramming, I help you to align to your desires so you can manifest all that you want.


"Within all of us is a power waiting to be reclaimed to get the life we deserve."


Your Greatest Self

If you have come to my website and are reading this, it is no coincidence. The Universe has a message for you.  It is more like a loving reminder.

You were born into this world absolutely perfect.  With limitless potential, possibilities and full of love, joy and abundance.  You were pure consciousness and you were ready to take on this world and excited to experience all that you are and all your potential. You were grateful for your life and so ready to create a magical one through your wild imagination. When others looked at you, they could see your light emanating from you and through this, you lit up their world.  But through the years, you started modelling others who had also forgotten who they are and all that life has to offer them. Society started teaching you how you 'should' be rather then being who you really are!

The Universe wants to remind you that the magic is still inside you.  Everything you want to create, everything you desire, is all within your reach.  You have infinite potential and there are infinite possibilities available to you.  Whatever is holding you back, the voices of fear, doubt, worry and negativity is not who you are.  They are only part of your conditioning.  You are abundance, you are love, you are a creator and an artist of your own life.  It is time to step into your power and manifest that life.  I am here to help you release those old beliefs that are no longer serving you.  I am here to help you find your purpose and align you to it, so that you become unstoppable and live the life you were meant for. If you feel the calling to transform your life and create abundance in any area of your life, whether thats health and fitness, career or business, relationships, finance or home life, you are exactly where you need to be.  You were called here, for a reason.  Are you ready to be all that you are, and transform your life?

What Others Say....

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Arpita is an inspiring woman who has passion for making a difference and empowering people.  I have seen her have  a profound impact on the people she speaks to and I know that she comes from a place of love and commitment.  If you havent been to one of her seminars as yet... its time that you do so soon!



U always see away to combat those difficult feelings of failure or "can I dos" "I cants" and "am I good enoughs". . you know how to work through them and find a way to tackle them..you also have a great gift of knowing how to help people and you made me feel motivated and good about myself. From the time i met and completed your course, your words echo in my mind and help me through, when those thoughts come back. You are a gifted motivater! Xxx


Katie Searle

I am a naturally shy person so I found Arpita's motivational section of the course very helpful.  I find it easy to doubt myself but Arpita helped me to understand that its important to have the correct mindset to achieve your goals.  Whenever I find it hard to get motivated and push myself I remember Arpita's words to say Yes and Work it out later



The toughest part when embarking on something new, no matter how big or small, is overcoming fear - fear of failing or financial fears - when I signed up for the hair and make up course with Arpita, I was ready to learn but I was not ready to take my newly learnt skills and showcase them to the world, I wasn't sure I was good enough, what if I can't do it? How can I afford it? Arpita coached me throughout my course and helped me build the courage and take the scary steps to making my dream a reality - she broke down the prospect of launching my business into achievable chunks. I am now still on my journey to reaching my goals and getting closer everyday but whenever I am faced with a daunting challenge I always remember Arpitas encouraging words 'say yes and work it out later'. When Arpita speaks to you, she just makes sense.


Nehreen Azim

Arpita inspired me to look at my goals and aspirations in life and convinced me by her talk that the only person holding me back was myself.  She gave me the confidence and belief that I needed and could not have done what I have today without her support and advice.